The best composting toilet for cabins, RVs, tiny homes, and boats.

Go off the grid. Go with nature.

Nature's Head composting toilet for boats, RVs, tiny homes

Nature's Head Composting Toilet

"I have installed and used all types of marine heads and holding tanks systems during my 30+ years of building boats and cruising. I am convinced that the Nature’s Head Composting toilet is the best solution."

-- Bryan Gittins, Founder

$1299 CAD

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Why choose Nature's Head Composting Toilet:

  • The best solution for human waste aboard a boat, based on 30+ years of building boats and cruising. Also perfect for your tiny home, RV, or cabin.

  • Holds 60-80 solid uses. Two people will empty ~ once a month.

  • The key to Nature’s Head composting toilet is its very simple urine separating design.