Go With Nature, based in Ladysmith BC, is owned and operated by Bryan Gittins, a distributor for Nature's Head Composting Toilets since 2009.

Bryan has been a boat builder by trade since 1979 and also runs Channel Cutter Yachts, builders of the Falmouth cutter 34. Nature's Head Composting Toilet is the top composting toilet that Bryan recommends for installation on his boats. 

We are happy to assist on any installation or questions by phone or email.

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After sourcing and installing many different composting toilets for his yacht building business, Bryan started getting requests left and right from campers, tiny home builders, RVers, and boaters who wanted to purchase these units. Since he had experience with many of these units, he found a clear winner in the field with Nature's Head. And so, he set up a warehouse for the brand he knows and trusts for use in his yachts: Nature's Head Composting Toilet.